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EMI Announces Package-on-Package Innovation
Santa Ana, CA – September 28, 2010 - Express Manufacturing Inc. (EMI) has announced another innovation in manufacturing. The demand for more compact design in both portable and desktop medical devices has increased in the past few years. To help achieve that objective, EMI has introduced a new solution called the Package-on-Package (PoP). The PoP is the latest assembly packaging technology which vertically stacks a discrete controller and memory BGA components. It allows multi-chip packages to be integrated for greater space savings on the PCB. Instead of occupying multiple flat surface areas on the PCB, this will allow the components to slack up much like a high-rise building.
By investing in PoP capable equipments, EMI has simplified the assembly process using a single flow/reflow which eliminates thermal stress during assembly. Furthermore, a dedicated assembly flow is designed based on the thermal coefficient characteristics of the components.

This is significant as it will increase the reliability of the Electronic Assemblies. PoP will play an important role in component reliability and compact design for Medical Devices in the years to come.

About Express Manufacturing
Founded in 1982, Express Manufacturing, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified provider of high-mix, medium-to-high volume PCB assembly and system integration. EMI has built its reputation on three principles: Total customer satisfaction, rapid response and streamlined efficiency. Complete vertical integration--from specialized engineering services (such as PCB layout, prototyping and test development) to supply chain management, manufacturing, fulfillment programs and service and refurbishment depot services--this allows EMI to capture efficiencies, maintain cost advantages and deliver turnkey solutions to its customer base. Because of the depth of services EMI offers, customers are often able to reduce the number of steps from design to production, thereby minimizing cost and time to market and maximizing value. For more information, visit